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What we do

We open temporary shops through an innovative model, which allows businesses and brands to share commercial costs and to sell their products directly to customers in an easy and flexible manner.


You can choose to open your temporary sales point in one of our Pop up Stores or in a Corner, located in retail areas or events spaces. Corners are available to book through our online platform, where you can select your preferred time period. You can also send an application to be included in one of our upcoming Pop Up Stores.

Turnkey Service

We decorate your Corner to guarantee maximum visibility for your products and your brand. We manage the logistics, and the check in and check out for your booking. We also promote your Corner and the products on sale, through dedicated social advertising campaigns. Our service allows you to open your Corner without leaving your retail space or workplace.


Your products may be sold by our sales staff or by the staff in your host shop. You receive real time updates on sales, through an innovative online system available to our clients. Your monthly net proceeds, minus our commission, are paid directly into your bank account.

Our Pop Up Stores


Within our Pop Up Stores, we create a corner dedicated to each brand. The brands are carefully selected in order to guarantee stylistic coherence in the Pop Up Store, as well as a perfect balance between different types of merchandise.


Each brand has its own dedicated corner, where its creations are displayed alongside its logo. We consider it fundamental to promote not only the products, but also the brand, to our customers.


Sales in our Pop Up Stores are managed by dedicated members of our team, who decorate Corners with creative designs and promote products by telling the story behind their brand.

Our Shops in Shops


Our Corners are located in retail areas or events spaces, enabling brands to take advantage of passers by within the host area. .


The Corner may be decorated by the host or by Placecorner. To make sure your products and brand are noticed, all of the Corners inside the space include a sign showing the brand’s logo.


Your products may be sold by sales staff from Placecorner or from the hosting space, depending on the type of Corner you have selected. Customer payments are made through our online system, and are accredited to your account on a monthly basis.

To see the complete catalogue of spaces available on our site, sign up and access your personal area

Why Choose Placecorner

We offer quality turnkey services at affordable prices.


A dedicated Corner to promote your brand and sell your products, all within an affordable budget.


Thanks to our team, you can open your temporary shop at a distance, without to leave your workplace.


Sales are managed by our team, or by the hosting space staff.


Sales accounts are a thing of the past, thanks to an online transaction system that provides real-time sales updates.


Book your space, send your products to the shop and change the variety of products available if sales patterns differ from your predictions.


We promote your brand and your products through targeted social advertising campaigns, aimed to increase your sales.

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Our Stories

Read the stories behind some of our brands and discover their creations. Every business has stories to tell, passions to share and products to promote. Our blog, the area dedicated to our brands and our Facebook page have been designed to share all of these aspects.

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